The Poulan Pro chainsaw series is a well renowned name when it comes to great value for money high quality chainsaws for non-commercial and commercial use. Poulan Pro, is higher end of the Poulan chainsaw band, which is owned by Husqvarna and have a resemblance in components among their chainsaws, some parts even have the Husqvarna ‘H’ on them.

Poulan Pro 20 Inch Chainsaws

20 Inch chainsaws are an excellent choice for a variety medium to heavier duty cutting tasks that you may need to do around your property, such as removing a large stump or getting all your firewood ready for the winter. Poulan have designed a 20 inch chainsaw just for these kind of jobs, the Poulan Pro PP5020AV.

Poulan Pro PP5020AV

Poulan Pro 20 inch PP5020AV

The Poulan Pro PP5020AV is similar in quality as some 20 inch Husqvarna models when compared side by side. It has a powerful 50.8cc chainsaw with a 20-inch bar and chain which is more than enough power for most homeowners. It is definitely an upgrade from its previous version. The 70 drive link is easily interchangeable with the original. The Poulan Pro PP5020AV is well built to last for a very long time. It comes with the anti-vibration handles and spring-assisted starter system which increases the ease of starting.

For a very competitive price the Poulan Pro PP5020AV is an exceptional gas chainsaw especially if one plans to spend hours on their chainsaws. The side effect of however using this chainsaw with its anti-vibration system is that one is likely to develop a medical condition known as the Hand-arm vibration syndrome. To prevent this condition, it is recommended to purchase some anti-vibration gloves. These are a good idea especially if one is a heavy user. They are recommended even for the chain saws that have an anti-vibration system. It is better to be over protected than under protected when dealing with chainsaws.

It is made with a patented engine from DuraLife. The engine has chromium plated cylinders in order to increase its durability and life span. The engine has been strengthened and is designed for the long term. The tougher components are meant for the chainsaws as they take quite a beating over time and enable them to handle abuse without easily getting damaged. The engine also incorporates Poulan Pro’s super clean air filter system that provides air filter life all the while reducing fuel consumption without the loss of any power.

Poulan Pro PP5020AV Features

  • They are highly efficient and have the capability of cleaning a running engine: Duralife 50cc 2-cycle.
  • 20 inch bar & chain.
  • There is no extra tool required to access the air filter and spark plug.
  • Super clean air filter system which can run longer before it is cleaned.
  • Automatic chain oiling system.
  • Equipped with an anti-vibration handle that reduces operator fatigue.
  • Quick & easy pull-starting mechanism.
  • Scrench holder and carrying case that is conveniently attached
  • Very light as it weighs 15.5 lbs
  • 2-year limited warranty.

Additional Details

This type of chainsaw is well-engineered and made with high-quality components for homeowners. Some users have noted that the standard chain that comes with Poulan Pro PP5020AV could be better, hence we recommend for the best cutting experience with this saw to replace it with the OREGON 72LPX070G 70 Drive Link – Super 70 Chisel Chain. This chain is high quality and can greatly increase one’s cutting efficiency. The OREGON 72LGX, 73LGX, and 75LGX (3/8″-pitch Super Guard ) chains  have a feature of advanced grind geometry that is ready for work and the cutters are well sharpened. This is more suitable and recommended for those professionals that require a saw chain that delivers high performance, is flexible and resistant to stretch, has a long lifespan, easy to maintain and maintains consistency from loop to loop.

Although the price is relatively inexpensive it does come with some shortfalls. First, it is relatively heavy where it weighs about 15.5lbs to 20 lbs. it is however not too heavy for the average built individual as he will be perfectly fine handling the Poulan Pro PP5020AV. This makes it unsuitable for extensive limbing. It is therefore limited to cutting small to medium sized trees, cutting firewood, clearing bushes and some lighter duties. It also tends to use a lot of bar and chain oil so it is important always to keep a stock to ensure smooth running with no interruptions as it may take a while to start up again.

Final Verdict

The Poulan Pro 5020AV is overall one of the best chainsaws, for those looking for a well-balanced chainsaw that has sufficient power yet effective and cost friendly. Though inexpensive, the components are of high quality making it one of the best chainsaws.

It has the ability to perform from medium to heavy duty. It is especially ideal for general property maintenance and cutting firewood. With its super clean air filter system, a professional style clutch cover coated with aluminum in order to increase durability, a gear driven oil pump that’s automatic, anti-vibration handles that are effortless when it comes to pulling, easily accessible air filter that does not require additional tools and a spark plug. It also comes with an on-board locking wrench holder that is well designed to fit and be part of the rear handle with a versatile 20 inch bar length. It also comes fully assembled to make life easier and also includes an excellent carrying case with a two-year warranty that is limited to only some defects.

The Poulan Pro PP5020AV is the best choice for anyone on a budget and still wants a tool that is of high quality and can perform. It can be put at par with the Remington RM5118R Rodeo. It is best considered among other chainsaws of a similar kind because it is inexpensive and most of its components are made from Husqvarna. See Current Prices Here…

Poulan Pro 18 Inch Chainsaws

Poulan Pro have recently released their latest 18 inch model, the PR4218, superseding the PP4218AVX, however it is not available on amazon yet so we aren’t haven’t been able to get a hold of one to review yet. We will however review the two18 Inch Poulan Pro chainsaws that are currently available on amazon right now, the PP4218AVX and the P4018WT.

Our top pick from these three 18 inch Poulan Pro saw is the PP4218AVX, continue reading to find out why.

Poulan Pro 18 Inch PP4218AVX

Poulan Pro PP4218 AVX after use

While not as powerful as the Poulan Pro PP5020 the 42cc-engine in the PP4018AVX is perfect for medium size tree cutting and storm clean-up, Poulan Pro 18 inch chainsaws are the best choice. These saws are also excellent for small as well as large size tree cutting, pruning and trimming, and a preferable choice for the cutting of firewood. The Poulan Pro 18 inch chainsaws come with premium features and at a great value. Packed with technologies such as the Super Clean Centrifugal air filtering system and the EPS Effortless Pull Starting, the chainsaws allow you to work small, medium, and even large cutting tasks with fewer instances of required maintenance or breakdowns. Moreover, the 18-inch guide bar and chain will allow you to cut trees with up to 18 inches in diameter.

Poulan Pro PP4218AVX Features

  • Inertia activated chain brake
  • Free carrying case
  • Low Vibration handle
  • Automatic oiling system

The EPS or effortless pull system minimizes the pull effort to start the chainsaw by 30 percent. Same as the other Poulan Pro 18-inch chainsaws, the PP4218AVX comes standard with a soft grip and anti-vibration handle that will significantly reduce fatigue among other vibration-related syndromes for the big tasks.

Poulan Pro PP4218 AVX features

What Customers Say

Chainsaw reviews for the PP4218AVX indicate that the saw is among the best of its kind and that is inexpensively priced. Owners and reviewers have compared this chainsaw with others of its kind from popular brands such as Husqvarna and Stihl, and a majority of conclusion have been made in favor of the Poulan.

A number of positive reviews on the Poulan mention its astounding quick start up time. The chainsaw is said to start with just 1 or 2 pulls when cold and only a single pull when its engine has warmed up. In some other reviews owners of the Poulan Pro PP4218AVX say they purchase an extra set of chains to accompany the chainsaw. While none told why they needed an extra set of chains, it is known that, for the kind of task the PP4218AVX will be handling, a sharp chain will not only make the cutting quick but will also lessen the strain on the chainsaws as well as its operator.

Final Verdict

A decent all rounder chainsaw, great for small to medium sized jobs, where you need the power of a 42cc gas engine to get through harder timber. Not quite as powerful as other 18 inch saws but perfect for firewood and yard work like limbing. See Current Prices Here…

Poulan Pro P4018WT Wild Thing 18 Inch

Poulan Pro P4018WT Wild Thing 18 Inch

Poulan also has a chainsaw designed and best suited for the homeowners, landowners, and farmers. With features, nearly similar to those of the Poulan Pro PP4218AVX, the Poulan P4018WT has specifically been designed for this range of chainsaw users, who cut less often but have a demand for optimum performance at reasonable prices. The P4018WT is powered by a 40cc 2-cycle petrol engine and comes equipped with the following features:

P4018WT Features

  • 18-inch guide bar and chain.
  • Gear-driven automatic chain oiler
  • Super clear air cleaning system
  • Wide handle spacing for enhanced control
  • Primer bulb for easy starting
  • Free carrying case.
  • 1-year warranty.

What Customers Say

Although the Poulan Pro P40181WT has the same size bar and similar sized engine to the PP4218AVX, the Wild Thing does not get a star rating as high. Overall customers believed that this saw was good value for money but was not the same quality or did not perform as well as the more expensive Stihl or Husqvarna gas chainsaws. Yet another common remark among consumer reviews is that the Wild Thing starts well as few as just five pulls even when cold or after a very long time of storage. Moreover, others suggest that replacing the gas inside the chainsaw’s tank with fresh one helps in minimizing the number of pulls to start even with cold gas; the chainsaw will hum to life with little struggle. Lastly it was noted by several customers that the carburetor on this chainsaw does need adjusting in order for it to idle well.

Final Verdict

Overall the P4018WT Wild Thing wins points for being lightweight and easy to handle for a 18 inch gas chainsaw. Very reasonable price and probably a good choice for small to medium sized tasks around the yard, if you plan on using the saw more frequently you may want to consider the PP4218AVX or the PP5020 for larger jobs. See Current Prices Here…

Poulan Pro 16 Inch Chainsaws

poulan pro 16 inch chainsaw

Poulan have 3 16″ chainsaws currently available for sale on Amazon, these are the Poulan Pro PP3816A, Poulan P3816 and the P3416 gas powered models. Our top pick in this category as far as value for money is the PP3816A, continue reading to find out why.

PP3816A – Poulan Pro Gas Chainsaw

The Poulan Pro PP3816A is a 16-inch gas chainsaw with a 38cc, 2-stroke engine. The chainsaw benefits its user with the premium features that Poulan includes in its professional grade saws. The EPS: Effortless Pull Starting system make the regular operation of the Pro PP3816A quite easy. In addition, the over-molded rear handle and anti-vibration handle lessen fatigue for the operator. The PP3816A also the super-clean air cleaning system as well as the tool-free chain tensioning system. Poulan also offer a 2-year limited consumer warranty for the PP3816A.Poulan Pro PP3816A

P3416A Features:

  • Powerful 38cc Gas engine
  • Excellent air filtration system
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Inertia-activated chain brake

What Customers Say

Positive chainsaw reviews for the Poulan Pro PP3816A indicate that the saw is capable of handling heavy cutting tasks with ease. The PP3816A has also been compared with other similar saws from Stihl and Husqvarna. A lot of feedback on this comparison are complaints about the Husqvarna models having weak components and Stihl models are too expensive for non-commercial tasks. The Poulan has been chosen for its durability, high performance, and its low price. The only con common among many reviewers is the chainsaw’s huge oil consumption. However, the reviews claim that the oil consumption is not much of an issue given its pro features and low price.

Final Verdict

At a relatively low price and inclusive of a carrying case, the Poulan Pro PP3816A is ideal saw for the pro chainsaw operators seeking a powerful and cost-efficient machine that can last hours in operation without any problems. See Current Prices Here…

PP3416 – 34cc Poulan Gas Chainsaw

The Poulan P3416 is a lightweight gas-powered chainsaw designed mainly for the light cutting task. The P3416 is operated by an averagely powerful 34cc 2-cycle engine and comes with a 16-inch steel guide bar and chain. The P3416 is very reasonably priced and has all the features you would expect from a mid-range 16″ chainsaw as outlined below.

Poulan PP3416 16 in gas chainsaw

P3416 Features:

  • Super-clean air filtering technique
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • A primer bulb for easy starting,
  • Inertia-activated chain brake

What Customers Say

Customer reviews indicate that the Poulan P3416 is an ideal choice for the light and the slightly medium-sized cutting task. Some owners of the P3416, indicate that the chainsaw has been performing well for quite some years, with some users saying they have had it for up to 15 years with no significant issues so far. Also, the anti-vibration handle installed on the chainsaw appear to make every operator comfortable and at ease while they use it.

Some not so positive feedback has suggested the Poulan P3416 can be poor on startup. In some instances, some users have found the chainsaw not to run at full speed upon cranking. Most claim that they have to make up to five pulls to start the chainsaw. Also, in a few instances, the chainsaw may not start at all. Another issue that is often discovered with the P3416 is that it does not idle properly after each cut.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Poulan P3416 is a worthwhile choice particularly for the light and simple cutting and trimming jobs. The chainsaw is quite handy, thereby giving its users comfort and ease of use. The P3416 can be ideal for inexperienced users wishing to do cutting tasks by themselves, without having to pay a contractor. See Current Prices Here…

 Conclusion on Poulan Pro Chainsaws

Generally, Poulan has a chainsaw for any cutting task you want to do. Be it a light, medium-sized or heavy cutting work, Poulan has just the ideal chainsaw for you. Also, while they inexpensively priced as compared to other brands, Poulan and Poulan Pro chainsaws have specifications and features that can make your use of the chainsaws a comfortable, easy, and smooth experience.

Additional notes on Poulan Chainsaws. The naming systems Poulan use for their saws is quite informative once you understand it, as it can tell you a couple of things about the saw just from the name. The first one or two letters in name, for example PP or just P tell you what range the saw is in, ‘PP’ stands for Poulan Pro, where just a ‘P’ or ‘PL’ means just the standard Poulan range.

See video below that shows some of the features and maintenance requirements to keep you Poulan Pro running smooth and working hard.

Additional notes on Poulan Chainsaws. The naming systems Poulan use for their saws is quite informative once you understand it, as it can tell you a couple of things about the saw just from the name. The first one or two letters in name, for example PP or just P tell you what range the saw is in, ‘PP’ stands for Poulan Pro, where just a ‘P’ or ‘PL’ means just the standard Poulan range.

General Chainsaw Buying Advice

It is advisable for the buyer to first establish their needs and then proceed to acquire the best suitable chainsaw that will be tailored to these needs. Some chainsaws are fit for only homeowners with relatively small pieces of land whereas others are designed for industrial and commercial uses. It is also important to read the manual carefully before operating the chainsaw as some users have complained of the start up to be slow but in real sense they did not assemble the components properly. Any equipment requires to be taken care of properly in order to last and have a long life span. This goes hand in hand with the user as he should also practice some safety measures when operating the chainsaw especially those that can lead to the development of a medical condition like the anti-vibration system. It is recommended to purchase those gloves so as to prevent the occurrence of any side effects.