Remington has built quite a reputable name for itself in the gas powered chainsaw area, with popular models like the Rodeo and the Rebel being excellent products. Remington has now branched out into the Electric Chainsaw market, in this post, review the two electric models Remington brings to the table.

Remington RM1645 Versa 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw

Remington Versa 16 inch Electric Chainsaw The RM1645 is Remington’s most powerful electric chainsaw with a 12 Amp electric motor and a 16″ bar. The saw is lightweight and dependable, and comes to you at a very low price compared to other saws in this category. It offers extra protection for the forward hand so you can cut limbs and branches from all angles. It has a low kickback which is a further protection while you are cutting through thick growth. The 16″ bar lets you handle medium sized pieces of wood allowing you to cut through a stack of firewood for those who love a wood-burning stove on a cold winter night. A chain that is easy to adjust and an oil window lets you keep track of your chain lube oil level. This chainsaw is made for a person who wants cutting power but not the weight of a conventional chainsaw.


  • An electric chainsaw that gets the work done fast and efficiently with all your small tree cutting and limb trimming
  • It comes with a full wrap-around handle to protect your hand while doing omnidirectional cutting
  • You get 16-inch bar and chain that makes short work of any work you need doing
  • ow kickback
  • The 12-amp electric motor handles your cutting chores with ease
  • Automatic Oiling
  • A large oil reservoir with a simple to read translucent viewing window that lets you know what the oil level is at all times


  • No gas, no mixing, just plug it in and you’re ready to start cutting
  • No, problems when you need to cut up a fallen tree in the drive or trim a limb away from a window
  • Very reasonable price
  • Extremely lightweight,


  • Chain tensioning is done with a twist of an adjustment screw that sets chain tension while you work, not as easy as some other the other corded electric chainsaws, which have tool-free chain tensioning systems

What Customers Say

With over 140 customer reviews from those that purchased this saw from Amazon the Remington Versa Electric Chainsaw received 4 out of 5 stars. Most customers felt that the cutting power of this saw was adequate for their needs and it was easy to use. Some customers noted issues with the oiler working as well as it should so make sure to check the oil hose is placing oil on the chain correctly when in use to keep the unit running smooth.

Final verdict

If you want a good chainsaw at a low price this may be the one for you. if you are a slighter person or just want something easy to handle with excellent safety features this is a great choice. Not made for the big stuff, but more than enough power for those looking to to touch up their landscaping and trim the wayward limb. See Current Prices…

RM1425 Limb N Trim 14 Inch Electric Chainsaw

RM1425 Limb N Trim 14 Inch Electric Chainsaw

The RM1425 Limb n Trim from Remington is going to be the lightest corded electric chainsaw you will find. Coming in at just 6.2 lbs this model is the ultimate gardening and trimming companion, an easy saw to use for small jobs. This saw is one of the cheapest you will see on the market too, doesn’t mean it isn’t a quality saw however. It is the little brother to the RM1645 which we just reviewed, with a smaller motor and a shorted chain bar, this electric chainsaw won’t cut through cord of 12″ thick firewood in second but it will make your life easier when it comes to pruning season and smaller logs.


  • 14″ Low kickback chain and bar
  • Powerful  8 AMP motor
  • Excellent front wrap around hand guard to keep all your digits safe
  • Super lightweight design for maximum control and maneuverability

What Customers Say

With over 570 different reviews from customers who bought this saw on Amazon, the RM1425 received 4.1 out of 5 stars. Many were impressed the power this small saw had and found it very easy to handle along with low kickback, great for first time chainsaw users. Some suggested that an automatic oiler would be nice but the press button isn’t too hard to work with once you get used to it. Another common note was to drain the oil out of the saw when storing it to avoid any unnecessary leaking as oil sometimes leaks onto the chain in storage.

Final Verdict

Great small saw for small jobs at a very small price. This is is a simple electric chainsaw, so doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other electric models, but if you just plan on using it on the occasional basis, a great choice. See Current Prices…

remington limb n trim electric chainsaw in use


For any more information on the Remington Chainsaw company see here.