For those in the construction or lumbering industry, you all know that you simply cannot afford not to have the right equipment and tools. Moreover, not only do we need to have the right tools but also desire that they are made by the best manufacturers. The best rated and reviewed chainsaw brands are known to make products that very versatile, extremely durable, and most significantly, have the best performance to complete a job. Some of these manufacturers are features here, and they include popular brands such as Stihl, Husqvarna, Poulan, Echo, Makita, Homelite, and Ryobi.

Husqvarna is one of the global leaders in the manufacture of the outdoor power products. The company was the first to create the quintessential modern chainsaw handy and light enough for use in delimbing tasks as well as tree felling. The modern range of the Husqvarna chainsaws is among the most comprehensive in the market and in models designed for homeowners as well as for professional forestry works. They are at the top end of the price bracket for all their product categories, promising the highest quality tools available.

Husqvarna Gas Chainsaws

Husqvarna offer one of the largest gas powered saw ranges on the market, from small lightweight 35cc 14 inch saws to massive professional 118cc 42 Inch chainsaws. Husqvarna are one of the few brands that actually offer true industrial or professional forestry grade chainsaws for heavy duty use, to be used 7 days a week.

The new Husqvarna 240 and 236 chainsaws offer really low price entry points as are expected to be bestsellers among similar kinds of chainsaws from competitor brands.

The Husqvarna 236 gas-powered chainsaw is an easy to handle and well-balanced machines best suited for the general domestic applications like pruning and light tree felling. The chainsaw is exceptionally reliable and powerful with 38.2cc and 1.9hp X-Torq engines with a unique air injection systems that eliminate debris and dust from the intake of air before it reached the carburetor, thereby allowing for longer working without the regular need for filter cleaning. The 236 also has an inertia-kind chain brake that halts instantly in the events of kick-back. The saw weighs just 4.7kg and has a 3/8” chain pitch.

husqvarna chainsaws

Husqvarna Electric Chainsaws

Husqvarna have stayed up to speed with the latest electric chainsaw technology and offer both corded and cordless (battery) chainsaw models. Their battery operated units claim long life per charge and the batteries themselves can be used across all of their latest cordless tool range.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Mills

Similar to Stihl, Husqvarna does not manufacture chainsaw mills. However, its chainsaw models are designed to fit into a majority of third-party chainsaw mills. The Alaskan chainsaw mill is one of the common mills that are powered by Husqvarna chainsaws.

Stihl Chainsaws and Equipment

When it comes to tree service, farming, logging, land clearing, and huge firewood cutting tasks, Stihl is entrusted by professionals for its unique features that make it one of the best-selling brands of petrol and electric-powered handheld outdoor power equipment and tools across the world. Stihl Chainsaws are best known for their combination of innovative technologies, high performances, lightweight and optimum ergonomics.

Stihl offers some of the most comprehensive chainsaw line-ups with models that range from homer-use to professional use. Stihl produces chainsaws in ranging from gas chainsaws, pole saws, chainsaw mills, and electric chainsaws

Stihl Gas Chainsaws

Stihl is one the lead makers of petrol-powered chainsaws and its products find sales all over the world. Under the gas-powered chainsaw category, Stihl has a wide range of chainsaw models with different features, functionalities, performances, and purposes.

The STIHL MS171 Petrol Chainsaw is one of the best-ranked gas chainsaws amongst others from different brands. The MS171 is a premium Swedish-designed chainsaw that comes powered by a high-capacity 31.8cc petrol engine. The stratified-charge technology used in the chainsaws helps reduce fuel costs, cuts emissions, and improves torque. The MS171 is available in 30cm or 35cm guide bars which give the users a choice of the different wood sizes they intend to saw.

Stihl Pole Saws

Stihl produces pole saws in two major categories which are Professional pole pruners and Homeowner Pole Pruners. Pole saws from Stihl are either gasoline or electric powered. Stihl gas-powered pole saws are often characterized with low-emission and fuel-efficient engines, which not only saves the users money on fuel costs, but they also are regarded cleaner than competitor brands.

Four of the most common poles saw models made by Stihl are:

  • STHL HT 56 C-E
  • STIHL HT 101
  • STIHL HT 131
  • STIHL HTE 60

STIHL HT 131 and STIHL HT 101 have a telescoping shaft, which makes these two models capable of cutting branches up to 5m from the ground.

The STIHL THE 60 is an electric pole saw ideal for tasks close to residential buildings and within locations where is noise is not desirable. According to chainsaw brand reviews, Stihl pole saws are said to last for many years without frequent breakdowns, while maintaining their performances. Stihl pole saws’ users sharing their experiences in review website say that they have regularly used their Still pole saws for as long as 6yrs since purchase.

Stihl Chainsaw Mills

Chainsaw mills are portable sawmills used for milling in remote areas. Usually, chainsaw mills are structures constructed using metal frames and panels that hold chainsaw while milling. Chainsaw mills use huge fat chains that run on a stiff metal guide bar. Chainsaw mills offer a portable and cheap way of sawing trees that would be difficult to saw using a chainsaw.

Although Stihl does not make chainsaw mills, chainsaws are designed in such a way that they can easily be attached and detached from third-party chainsaw mills. An example of such third-party mills that best suit Stihl chainsaws include the Alaskan mill and the Logosol M8. The Manufacturers of these portable mills recommend the use of Stihl chainsaws with their chainsaw mills.

Stihl Electric Chainsaws

Stihl offers a comprehensive range of electric-powered chainsaws are characterized by low noise and emission-free motors, making them ideal for indoor use or near residential places. All these chainsaws require is power from wall sockets. All Stihl electric-powered chainsaws come with 10-meter cables as the standard. The new generations of these type of chainsaws are available in a variety of performance categories. Therefore, be it professional or home use, there is always a chainsaw for every task.

The Stihl MSE 210 C, MSE 190 C, and MSE 170 C are particularly best-suited for sawing tasks around the garden, yard, or in the house, and they make the cutting of firewood pretty easy. However, if you’re used to sawing more often or for professional purposes, the MSE 230 C is well-suited for you.

With roots hailing from Japan, Echo has  become a popular and trusted brand for power tools and equipment in America for over 40 years now. Echo manufactures power products ranging from chainsaws to lawnmowers. Its products compete with those of renown brands such as Poulan, Husqvarna, and STIHL. Supplying both gas and electric powered tools, the Echo range has expanded over time and kept up to date with the latest technologies.

Echo Electric Chainsaws

Echo’s electric chainsaws are either corded or cordless. Corded models required to be plugged into an electricity outlet to operate while the cordless models run on rechargeable batteries.

The Echo 58-Volt is Echo’s most popular electric chainsaw. The model is cordless and is regarded as the most advanced, professional-grade high-voltage cordless chainsaw in the market. The ECHO 58-Volt is equipped with 16” bar and chain which makes the chainsaw ideal for larger and more aggressive cuttings. Also, it features an automatic oiler unlike the average electric chainsaw with a manual oiler.

Echo Gas Chainsaws

Echo manufactures homeowner and professional grade gas chainsaws. Echo chainsaws are known for their high-power engines and performances. The ECHO chainsaws are built for tackling tough jobs. According to user reviews, these chainsaws run smooth, start easy, and provide many years of dependable performance.

The ECHO CS-400 is a professional grade petrol chainsaw equipped with 18” bar and that has commercial grade features which make the chainsaw’s use and maintenance easier. The CS-400 has a 40.2cc, 2-stroke engine that provides enough power for the tough cutting tasks. This chainsaw, amongst those of its kind, is the best rated with many users giving positive comments and few telling of any serious difficulties in its use.

ECHO CS-400 chainsaw

Echo Pole Saws

Echo pole saws are among the best rated and are often classified alongside those made by popular brands such as STIHL, Husqvarna, and Poulan. Among the most popular pole saws by Echo are the Echo 265 and Echo 280. The Echo 265 has quite some positive reviews with user telling of its ability to cut through up to 8” oak dead limbs ‘like a hot knife cuts through butter.’ With its 12” bar and sharp chain, the pole saw can easily make 10” cuts. However, some reviews state that the pole saws cutting head feel somehow heavy when it is about 12-14” away from you. Nevertheless, it is a great tool when doing a lot of trimming at 6” to 14” up.

Poulan Chainsaws and Equipment

Poulan is a brand name owned by the Swedish company Husqvarna group. Poulan is among the top ten most popular power products manufacturer brands. Poulan makes various power tools that include electric and petrol powered chainsaws, pole saws, and lawn mowers among others. There are two main categories of Poulan power products and which are Poulan Pro and Poulan. The Poulan range of products are targeted home users while the Poulan Pro tools are meant for the professionals

Poulan Electric Chainsaws

Poulan makes a comprehensive range of electric-powered chainsaws. Electric chainsaws made by Poulan are often ideal for home use and for light duties. Poulan Electric-powered chainsaws come with different features and performances for different tasks and purposes. For instance, the Poulan Pro 400E chainsaw has 4hp engine that enables the saw to work heavy task that a majority of chainsaws of its kind cannot endure.

Customer reviews for the Poulan Pro 400E indicate that the chainsaw outperforms other similar kinds of electric chainsaws in heavy cutting tasks. However, a number of reviews claim that the chainsaw is prone to getting stuck mid-way during deep cuts. Solutions have also been made for this issue with users suggesting that the chainsaw is kept with more than 1/3 full oil to avoid the chain frequently getting stuck. Overall, the chainsaw has among the best chainsaw reviews in the market.

The Poulan PLN1514 is an electric chainsaw ideal for medium sized cutting tasks. The chainsaw comes with a 14” bar and manual oiler. Due to the short length of its power cord, the PLN1514 can only be used near houses or places with power outlets.

Poulan Pole Saws

Poulan makes pole saws both under the Poulan and the Poulan Pro brands. The Poulan poles saws are meant for homeowners, and the Pro pole saws are for the professionals. However, for the occasional use by homeowners, either a Poulan Pros or Poulan models is not necessarily a bad choice as the prices of both models do not differ much. Poulan manufactures pole saws that are powered by either petrol or electricity.

The Poulan Pro PP338PT is a petrol-powered pole saw run by a 2-stroke engine. According to reviews, the model is priced reasonably for a petrol-powered pole saw and also includes a string trimmer attachment. While petrol pole saws are renowned for their high speed and power, the PP338T boasts a 33cc engine that outputs 1hp. The saw is capable of cutting through thick limbs and also faster. It has an 8” bar which is a good size for cutting limbs of up to 7”.  The PP338T pole saw is most suitable for moderate and light uses.

Makita Chainsaws and Equipment

Makita is a brand name famous for outdoor power equipment and tools. Makita makes a number of power equipment that includes electric and gas chainsaws and pole pruners. Makita products are made for 3 different uses which include professional, farm and ranch, and occasional uses.

Makita Electric chainsaws

Makita electric chainsaws are generally designed for homeowners and occasional users. These chainsaws are engineered for efficient operations, fast cutting, and easy maintenance. Some of the most popular Makita electric-powered chainsaw models include the

  • Makita UC3520A
  • Makita UC3541A
  • Makita UC3551A
  • Makita UC4041A
  • Makita UC4051A.

Despite these models being slightly expensive for their kind, the majority of owners of these models are very happy with their chainsaws, and more significantly, feel that they spent their money well.

Makita Gas Chainsaws

Among the popular gas-powered chainsaw brands, Makita chainsaws are some of the most powerful. Makita chainsaws manufactured under this category are mostly meant for farm/ranch and professional/industrial use. Some of the most popular Makita gas chainsaw brands include the Makita EA6100P53G, DCS642120, and DCS5121. The Makita gas chainsaws are some of the most expensive of their kind in the market. However, their users are mostly satisfied with the services and performance of their chainsaws.

Makita Pole Saws

Makita manufactures some of the most powerful and high-performance pole saws in the industry. The Makita EY2650H is a 4-stroke, and 1.1hp petrol-powered pole saw. This pole saw has a lightweight head that reduces the operator fatigue. Also, its multi-position system makes it possible for the engine to be inclined at different angles for continuous operation. The Makita pole saws are designed for professional or industrial purposes.

RYOBI Chainsaws and Equipment

Ryobi is a popular brand that makes a range of power products that include electric and gas chainsaws, pole saws, and chainsaw mills. Though not as popular as the competitive brands, Ryobi products have good customer reviews. Also, they are not expensively priced unlike their competitors.

Ryobi Electric Chainsaws

Ryobi manufactures a range of electric powered chainsaws for various purposes. Ryobi electric chainsaws are either battery powered or are plugged into power outlets. Amongst the available models, the Ryobi RCS20140 is the most popular with the best reviews. Many claims that the chainsaw is quite powerful for its kind. However, some say that it requires regular maintenance which includes adjusting the oiler and chain tension.

Ryobi Gas Chainsaws

Ryobi makes gas chainsaws usually for medium and small sized tasks. Ryobi gas chainsaws are not as powerful as those from competitive brands. Moreover, they are not that high rated. However, they are a good choice when one is looking for a cheap alternative with great performances. The Ryobi RY3716 and RY3714 are Ryobi’s most popular. The RY3716 comes with a 16-inch bar and a powerful 37cc engine. On the other hand, the RY3714 has 14-inch bar and an equally powerful engine. These two are ideal for lightweight and smooth operations.

Ryobi Pole Saws

Ryobi pole saws are mainly electric powered with only a few being gas powered. Ryobi specializes in cordless battery powered poles saws, that are ideal for light to medium pruning tasks. Ryobi pole saws are also cheaply priced and offer various high-performance features such as extension pole, soft grip, and powerful engines. The Ryobi One+ 18V is a cordless pole saw and one of the most popular. This pole saw has some of the best reviews among pole saws from competitive brand models of its kind.

Ryobi Chainsaw Mills

Although Ryobi does not make chainsaw mills, its range of chainsaws models are designed in such a way that they can easily be attached and detached from third-party chainsaw mills. An example of such third-party mills that best suit Ryobi chainsaws include the Alaskan mill, Granberg Mini, and Granberg Chainsaw Mills.

Homelite Chainsaws and Equipment

Homelite is a popular brand that makes various power tools that include chainsaws. Homelite makes tools in various categories which include electric and gas-powered, big and small.

Electric Chainsaws

Homelite electric chainsaws are small and easy maintenance chainsaws that are ideal for home or domestic use. These chainsaws are designed for clearing bushes, cutting firewood, and trimming trees among other domestic cutting tasks. The Homelite UT43122B and UT43103 are two of the most popular Homelite electric chainsaws. These chainsaws are designed for enhanced durability and performance. Also, they are quite cheap as compared to the competitive brand models.

Gas Chainsaws

Homelite gas chainsaws are medium power models that are designed to handle larger jobs than the electric models. The Homelite UT10660, UT10640, and UT10680 are Homelite popular gas chainsaws. These chainsaws are ideal for landscape works, firewood cutting, and storm clean up among other medium-sized cutting tasks.