The Comprehensive Chainsaw Buying Guide

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Best Electric Chainsaw

Thinking about electric? Check out our top picks and detailed reviews of the best electric chainsaws around.

Best Chainsaw Brands

There are so many chainsaw brands out there these days, what ones can you trust? And are they worth the money?

best gas powered chainsaws

Best Gas Chainsaw

Looking for a Gas Powered Chainsaw, but not quite sure what one to choose? Well we have made it easy for you, read our comprehensive review of all the best gas saws around both small and heavy duty…

best pole saw reviews

Best Pole Saws

Need to do some trimming or pruning of hard to reach branches? What’s the best choice and value for money?

Chainsaw Reviews

Check out reviews on popular saws.
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How to Guides: Tips and Tricks for Chainsaw Users

Chainsaw Chains

  Not all chainsaws chains are created equal. Sure, they might all look alike from afar – but the chain that cuts and mauls your timber can vary wildly in design and use. Each chain type’s cutters, length and setup are made for a specific application, and using...

How to Cut Down a Tree with a Chainsaw

Trees can be a beautiful addition to your property. However, they can pose a danger to people and your home if they are dead, too big or damaged by wind, fire, and lightning. Hence sometimes you need to cut down or fell your tree, today we will show you the right way...

How To Cut Logs with a Chainsaw: The Right Way

If you have a chainsaw, then there is a good chance you will be cutting logs sooner or later. In this guide, we will discuss how to correctly cut logs with a chainsaw. Cutting logs might appear as an easy task. However, you can easily waste a lot of time if you are...

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